Professor Dokustowich has recently discovered stories of a hitherto unknown race of people.
These people live quite inconspicuously mixed up with us among all the other nationalities.
Members of this race know and recognize one another for they have the same roots and share a common culture.
But they have no homeland, kings or rulers.They mistrust all written regulations and have no need of a police force.
Architecture is unknown to them, they fight no wars and have invented nothing important.
They do have their own language, but their history has never been written down.
These people have left traces of their existence in these stories which have now been discovered.
In these stories they love to fool the mighty, mock at braggarts and unmask the double morality of Good and Bad.
Lies and deception are a constantly recurring theme.
So they have often taken existing stories but changed their course so that the bad guys come out in a more sympathetic light, appearing more recognizable and real.
In short, these tales are real life stories.


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